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The Rake's Progress

Beneath all this colour I'm poorer than dirt
formerly stickyhips___.

Rake (noun): a dissolute or profligate person, esp. a man who is licentious; roué.

Reawaken my delight; your fingerprints upon my skin
Your voice is twisted, how we sink; Tonight I'll let desire win.

"caesar-cannot-be-a-fool!", "goodbyyyye little sweetheart!", "i like tigers.....rrrrrrrrrahhhhh", "say my name!", 'busting some moves', a clockwork orange, alan donohoe, alex delarge, androgyny, ash, awkwardness, banter, being 18, being filthy minded, being-a-bit-of-a-stalker, bloc party, blood red shoes, boys, brody dalle, cardigans, cats, charity shops, conversations-without-using-actual-words, cyanide & happiness, daydreaming, disgusting jokes, dykeenies gigs, elle milano, epic fail, eyeliner, foals, following-brian-henderson-into-shops, franz ferdinand, geometric shapes, george pringle, get the guns out, get-out-the-way-or-get-fucked-up, girls, glasgow, good gigs in general, good kissers, grammar-based drinking games, hacksaws, having-amazing-taste-in-bracelets, i'm-siiiinging-in-the-rain *rape*pillage*tapdance*, if...., in-jokes, internet-jokes-in-real-life, jack barnett, jack barnett's chainmail, jack barnett's shit shoes, kat & the hat, keith murray, kele okereke, laughing-hysterically-over-msn-conversations, lindsay anderson, lukas wooller, malcolm mcdowell, marigolds, mark hamilton, matt-bellamy-for-prime-minister, maxïmo park, monies, mooseknuckle, mumm-ra, music, my cat, not hermaphrodites, o lucky man!, patrick wolf, paul smith, possessing-a-wealth-of-new-ideas, reading, recreating the-numbskull-video-with-ash, shocking revelations on myspace, simon bookish, singing, skinny boys, sleeping in, spazzing, squishy hugs, the dykeenies, the glory of rock&roll, the kills, the libertines, the raging moon, the rakes, the-awesome-hat-appreciation-society (ahas), these new puritans, tim wheeler, topman, using-'trousers'-as-a-euphemism, vinyl, vodka, writing, zomg